Myths About Addiction

People whose lives have been touched by alcohol abuse or drug addiction have firsthand experience with the powerful hold a substance can have on a person. Debunking this myth is important to reduce the stigma against addicts because it takes an incorrect moral stance that makes it hard for someone to seek out help without fear of judgment. An addiction treatment program is a necessary part of recovery for many people, but it’s not a magic pill. People enter substance abuse treatment at varying stages of readiness to change.

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People like to think they or those they care about are protected from falling into that kind of life because of being “good” people. Factors like genetics and the environment in which a person grows up can play a large role in future addictive behaviors. Drugs and alcohol can impact the structure of a person’s brain from their first usage.

#7 Prescription Drugs Are Safer Than Street Drugs

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Isolation itself can also lead to addiction and worsening symptoms. Once you’re in active addiction, “just stopping” drugs or alcohol without treatment and drastic lifestyle changes is extremely difficult. Are you or a loved one struggling with addiction to drugs or alcohol? Addiction is not a hopeless condition, and there is help available. The representatives at Windward Way recovery center are standing by to answer your questions about rehab, detox, and drug addiction counseling. Please contact Windward Way today and get help for addiction and abuse.

Recovery can only start after hitting rock bottom.

Whatever its legal status, alcohol is a dangerous drug when abused. That said, most estimates suggest that somewhere between 40% and 60% of those pursuing addiction treatment relapse at some point. Recovery is not a one-size-fits-all treatment, nor is it temporary. Even though someone has relapsed, it doesn’t mean they weren’t still making progress before.

There’s a reason most addiction recovery methods are group-based. It’s been found that overcoming addictive behaviors is more manageable when surrounded by people who understand what you’re going through. Additionally, overcoming addiction alone can be dangerous and even fatal because withdrawal symptoms can lead to death in certain situations. Therefore, it’s always best to seek help with treatment to overcome addiction.

Three Common Myths about Addiction

Prolonged alcohol abuse can lead to serious health complications, overdose, and even death in the same way that heroin or opioid addiction can. A high-quality rehab center, such as Nova Recovery Center, should incorporate a variety of evidence-based treatments into individualized treatment plans that are designed based on the needs of the client. These alcohol and drug rehab programs should be fluid and constantly updated as the client progresses through the program.

If you qualify for Medicaid, there are treatment centers you can attend. And since the enactment of the Affordable Care Act of 2010, insurance providers are compelled to offer coverage for the treatment of both substance use disorders and mental health conditions. This has widened access to treatment for those unable to finance it. Addiction impacts your loved one’s ability to think rationally and focus on healthy priorities. As a result, the person struggling may lash out at you or other people, neglect their personal relationships, and lie to hide their substance use.

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This is a surprising bit of information, and a myth to most people – drug users, including hard drug users, are not automatically addicted to their drugs. Or you can wean yourself off a drug if you are physically dependent and cold turkey is too dangerous. We can’t tell for sure what factors are in every case, only that there is research to back up the involvement of each of the above factors and that every case is different and unique. And that’s what makes addiction tough to talk about – its cause can’t be generalized, simplified, or blamed on a single issue or problem. It’s a complex system of related issues, medical and societal.

Their wake-up call might come to them when they experience a breakup with their significant other or are no longer excelling at school or work. If you’ve tried treatment before, that does not mean it is time to give up. With thousands of facilities across the U.S., finding the right facility can be a difficult process. To make this process easier, The Recovery Village offers some guidelines to help you find the right rehab. By using these guidelines, you can better identify programs that will promote and empower your lasting recovery.

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But they aren’t an addict because they were a bad person, they may become a bad person and make bad decisions because they are an addict. The forefront of addiction and recovery is inundated with outdated and blatantly false information. Because of this, there can be a lot of shame and embarrassment tied to the disease of addiction, making it even more challenging to get well. Doing so means getting help to finally turn the page on the complications you are facing.

  • Studies show that people who volunteer for treatment and those who were pressured into it still experience the same success rates.
  • However, these substances work to fight opioid use disorders and curb cravings during withdrawal.
  • This myth goes hand in hand with the incorrect assumption that addicts are “bad people.”  The notion of addiction being a choice stems from the popularized false belief that addiction is a character flaw.
  • Relapse can be frustrating and discouraging, but it’s not a failure.
  • The fact is that any type of substance of abuse can be dangerous.

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