Is the Progressive Web App PWA Still Relevant in 2023?

With a snippet of code, known as the service worker the PWA can function offline or on a low connective network and send notifications. Each company, however, should carefully assess its specific needs and goals prior to implementing PWAs. In this regard, partnering with a professional software development agency would be a smart decision, since an amateur approach can lead to poor results. AliExpress, Uber, United eXtra Electronics, and more companies are reaping the benefits of PWA adoption, such as enhanced conversions, increased numbers of returned visitors, and reduced bounce rates. Dark mode, authentication methods (including Face ID and two-factor authentication), preview in the application switcher.

  • Microsoft recently announced that PWABuilder will be using Google’s Bubblewrap technology.
  • This can include your NFC, GPS, camera, accelerometer, and media player.
  • It’s imperative that your app is easy to notice, valuable, and unique if you want to stand out from the crowd.
  • It was introduced by Google in 2015 and since then plenty of websites have adopted this technology.
  • APPSeCONNECT is an intelligent integration platform as a Service (iPaaS) that connects applications and automates business processes.
  • In this case, building a PWA-based application only requires a little configuration on a responsive website.

Uber kickstarted the evolution of the taxi market in the early 2010s since it began in 2009. Uber generated 17.4 billion dollars revenue in 2021, a 56% increase year-on-year. You can add new features to your Progressive Web App as more web browsers become functional with everything PWAs have to introduce.

Apple declines 16 APIs in Safari

The Uber PWA is designed to make car booking viable on low-speed, 2G networks. Built around the concept of an app-like experience which is accessible on all modern browsers, The PWA is should i use pwa in 2022 great for riders on low-end devices, which may not be compatible with the native Uber app. If you are wondering whether to invest in PWAs in 2023 or not, then the answer is a big Yes!

should i use pwa in 2022

Pinterest, Twitter, and Forbes have already switched to PWAs, and this step has brought them an increase in engagement and conversions. They also suit eCommerce businesses of various sizes, primarily large ones. Such online stores are scalable because of their accessibility from browsers (unlike native applications).

What is PWA?

The connected pages can easily show whatever precached content that is available. This is done through service workers, which will refer to any Javascript components that are able to manage the requests or the transactions between a server and the user. One of the primary concerns that a lot of people think about when they install an app is how much memory it takes up. When you look at the browser, visitors can easily bookmark and then add the application to their home screen.

The PWA code works on many platforms, be it Android, iOS, or desktop. The interface can vary, allowing PWAs to display native-like elements and adapt to the OS. The solution follows the best native app practices regarding button location, menu, navigation, etc.


These guides give concrete detailed instructions for how to implement specific PWA features. An overview of the APIs that enable a PWA to cache resources locally, and some common strategies used by PWAs to implement offline functionality. The 30 Days of PWA blog series would not have been possible without a multi-team effort across the Edge, Windows, and Developer Relations teams at Microsoft. We also want to thank Kenneth Rohde Christiansen for contributing a guest post about PWA’s advanced capabilities. Whether you just started with web development or have experience already, there should be a little bit for everyone in this blog series. Thank you Kesha Borisa for sharing such interesting information and I hope you continue to share such useful content.

should i use pwa in 2022

By launching the new ordering PWA, Starbucks has already seen significant results. The PWA is 99.84% smaller than Starbucks’ existing iOS app, making the web app a favorite amongst its users. As a result, they doubled the number of web users who place orders each day, with desktop users now ordering at about the same rate as mobile users. After the initial code transfer, they don’t communicate with the download site; they simply and dumbly generate codes. Leaks and hacks from recent years make it clear that passwords alone don’t provide enough security to protect your online bank accounts, social media logins, or even accounts for websites where you shop. Multi-factor authentication (MFA, also known as two-factor authentication or 2FA) adds another layer of protection.

What Is the Difference Between a Native App and A Web App?

A web app can be created using backend and frontend technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, and Python. The functionality of these applications depends on the web browser, but they also use the device features they are operating on. Many stores are already starting to reposition the site menu to the bottom of the screen, as in downloadable native apps. This has to do with the fact that newer models of mobile devices tend to have larger and larger screen sizes (compared to those that everyone used five years back). Therefore, since reaching the top of the screen with your thumb becomes tricky, the fundamental site elements must be easily accessible. PWA can perform nearly all the same tasks as a native app, including operating offline functionality, accessing your microphone and camera, and more.

It all comes down to the app that you are creating and the needs that you need to fulfill. That’s why the companies we outlined above have opted to offer both, so they can meet their user’s needs holistically. In this case, you have to choose whether to revive it with the help of a mobile app development company or to build an entirely new application using the PWA technology. The speed and simplicity of the progressive web app development have been mentioned among the major benefits of PWAs. However, this advantage can be negated by the fact that you already have some ready-made developments for a mobile app.

When you should not use PWA

But overall, the development of a PWA app is rewarding in the long run, as these apps provide a great user experience and stable performance. And considering how engaged Google and Microsoft have become in PWA distribution, we might assume that the future of PWA 2022 looks really bright. PWAs also enjoy the benefits of modern website design in that they are responsive and lightweight.

should i use pwa in 2022

Have you ever thought about the amount of space native apps take up? You may have even experienced this feeling when you couldn’t install a new app without deleting an old one. The third PWA design trend worth mentioning deals with the use of space. Designers of progressive web applications do their best to place all the elements on a page in such a way that would use space wisely. This regards the sizing of buttons, text, etc., reduced paddings, and general reorganization. One of the main concerns about PWAs vs. native apps is that both have access to hardware features.

Why Choose PWAs in 2023: PWAs vs. Traditional Websites vs. Native Apps

Employing progressive web app technology in an application’s development has many benefits, though there are also some drawbacks to consider. The main benefit of PWA design is that it is mostly platform-independent. This means that an app can be developed using a single codebase and deployed on several different platforms.

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